Wednesday, August 26, 2009

let's type


I don't know what I'm doing but I wanted to write a blog just to become familized with the content of this system. If anyone has any helpful hints..please do share.

I'm currently at work..busy as ever but I've made time for myself to create this blog. My job is pretty kool, I'm not usually busy but since its time for registration and we need our enrollment numbers to improve I don't really mind beening busy for the moment. Next week, I will be really bored and probably will be blogging about how bored I am.

Let's see, I'm 29 years in other words....experience female and motivated to continue my journey in life. Its been an awesome journey so far, I've had my ups and downs and I only have one regret in life....I should have never gotten a tattoo b/c now its itching. smiles. Yeah, I have a sense of humor, well thats what most people say.... Anyways...thanks for reading.